Quirky, urban and art-centric. The Viaduct is moulded by the surrounding area of Shoreditch and while staying true to its traditions, promises to re-shape your hospitality experience. On the surface the Viaduct is a multi-site venue offering food, beer and cocktails, but when you walk through the doors you'll find it is much more.

As you enter the space you'll be greeted by a light and airy restaurant that delivers elevated casual dining while creating an atmosphere of productivity with its nature inspired artwork. You'll then come across an emphatic statement of a Tap room which blends comfort with strong exposed brick architecture and carefully curated craft beers. Finally you'll be able to sit back and relax in an opulent cocktail lounge which oozes indulgence with its deep blue decor and gold accents.

This is not just a venue but a complete 360 concept, encompassing all aspects of a traditional experience to create a unique venue, combining 3 different identities all under the same roof. Formulating a place for people to eat, drink and come along to work and enjoy our variety of space. The Viaduct's vision is to be a place where people can come by early morning, and stay for the rest of the day, with the different concepts intertwining.