Introducing the Viaduct

Introducing a brand new, exciting 360 concept that is arriving at one of the most vibrant postcodes, E1, Shoreditch. Quirky, urban and certainly one to keep on your radar. The Viaduct is a multi-site venue on Rivington Street offering a well-curated selection of food, craft beer and expertly mixed cocktails, meaning your night can start and end in East London. Inspired by the diversity and originality of the streets of Shoreditch, aiming to become an all-encompassing hub for East Londoners.

Blending Shoreditch’s edgy style with contemporary and chic settings. The Viaduct brings expertly curated British gastro pub-style food under the roof of our large, industrial and exposed brick venue. The Viaduct is set to be a perfect spot for people who enjoy comforting, yet elevated traditional British dining.

360 approach to the hospitality scene in Shoreditch

This venue offers a unique approach to your evening in the city, with the aim of creating an inclusive venue with 3 different identities, that are all under the same roof. Formulating a place for people to eat, drink and even come along to work and enjoy our lounge space. Boasting a significantly large layout, the Viaduct can hold around 500 people when fully occupied.. The Viaduct’s vision is to be a space where people can come by early morning, and stay for the rest of the day, with the different concepts intertwining. With the location just a stone’s throw away from Shoreditch high street station, and just a 12-minute walk from Liverpool Street station, the Viaduct makes the perfect post-work spot for those looking to escape corporate settings, and dive into the urban scene.


The first concept, The Arch, will be open from the early morning, serving coffee and casual British-style brunch in a light and airy setting. A spectacular space is seen as the new idyllic hub for city workers and business owners to enjoy a perfect morning set-up before heading off for a day of meetings. Adjoining this Arch is the large, picturesque terrace where you can get a feel of the vibrant, hustle and bustle of Shoreditch and the inspired artwork and graffiti from the likes of Banksy spread across the walls. The decor aims to bring an aura of brightness and vibrancy, to uplift the local city and Shoreditch workers. The Arch space is ideal for a brunch/coffee, a day of work or a hearty Sunday roast, you decide.


Eccentric and urban, representing the district of Shoreditch itself, Tap offers a tap room experience with a carefully curated selection of craft beers. The taproom has an upbeat, friendly and relaxed atmosphere with an eclectic drinks selection, perfect for avid beer drinkers and people who want to catch up with friends to unwind and enjoy a taste of Shoreditch itself. The taproom has exposed brick decor which is nicely complemented by plush booth seating, great for crowds of drinkers on a Thirsty Thursday or a Saturday afternoon that rolls into the evening.

E1 Brewing Company

The Viaduct partners with E1 Brew Co. which is a beer brewing company grounded in the culture of Shoreditch, the area that embodies modern London by being inclusive, diverse and innovative. The beer at E1 has a simple vision, to be the beer that everyone can enjoy.

Finally, the location where you complete your evening, The Cosmos cocktail lounge, a stunning, illuminated, hedonistic drinking space. Deep blues fill the space accentuated by flecks of striking gold which are reflective of the beautiful space. Sit back, relax and indulge in expertly concocted cocktails and a menu of sharing dishes, tapas and small plates, ideal for date night and intimate evenings.


The Viaduct boasts a spacious outdoor terrace, offering a pergola which can be covered and uncovered, for the unpredictable UK weather, and can seat up to 80 people. The area is encompassed by street art and features an exclusive Banksy featurette. The art-centric garden provides the perfect private/enclosed outdoor area for large gatherings, group events or to enjoy the sun while experiencing one of our 3 on-site venues. All with the aim of bringing people together to connect, unwind and have fun and enjoy what the lively neighbourhood of Shoreditch has to offer.

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