Summer Outdoor Dining Spot in Shoreditch – The Viaduct

Who doesn’t love a terrace? Basking in the sun with a tipple in hand, and with your nearest catching up on life. There are plenty of iconic rooftop locations all around London, with a brand new terrace to shake up the scene! The Viaduct is an al fresco diners dream, right near Liverpool Street and Shoreditch High Street stations.

Whatever the weather

Rain, snow or shine? From rooftop restaurants to riverside spots and huge beer gardens, the capital city boasts everything from covered spaces to heated outdoor dinners. The Viaduct is here to add a new concept to outdoor dining, overlooking the urban Shoreditch views and amongst the artistic Bansky and graffiti.

Weather talk aside, there is nothing better than pulling up a seat outdoors and enjoying a meal in the heat of the midday sun, or under the last, lingering rays as it sets. If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it’s that come rain or shine, we can have a good time on a table of six outside.

London is a joyous city to watch go by, and it’s at its best in the summer, when the trees are full, the sky is blue and the pavements seem to be thrumming with almost tangible energy. Even the slightest hint of the sun appears to pull Londoners from their burrows, leaving no patch of grass, park bench or restaurant terrace empty. At the Viaduct, we have a large outdoor space for the streets of Shoreditch!

The Viaduct, Outdoor Dining Spot

London is one of the greatest cities in the world, a place with an electric atmosphere, and inspiring culture and character! It is hard to find a minute to be bored with the large variety of restaurants, bars and brand new concepts with activities and eateries.

The Viaduct is excited to add another development to the London hospitality scene. Adding to the dynamic East London scene, we are bringing a versatile, go to, hub to Shoreditch. The Viaduct is a place for people to eat, drink and come along to work and enjoy our diversified space. The Viaduct’s vision is to be a place where people can come by early morning, and stay for the rest of the day, with the different concepts intertwining.

Introducing our terrace, on top of our 3 different concepts, with our terrace adds to the experience and presents a hotspot for eating, drinking and socialising, The Viaduct couldn’t be more idyllic for after-work drinks and light lunches outside or inside. Need a place for a work meeting? Why not take it outside on our modern terrace under the pergola. It is often just your local pub or watering hole that has a capacious outside space, one that is probably packed full of your neighbours like sardines in a tin can as soon as the clouds pass. Not here at the Viaduct, we have an impressive space for all summer ocassions.

Whatever the occasion, slip away into that holiday feeling over at the Viaduct, of course a cold beverage is mandatory.